Why We Recommend WordPress

WordPress is by far our favorite platform to build website for clients. Zahela Marketing team is very proud of their ability to use the platform.

We enjoy creating our client’s website and then teaching you how to make changes and maintain your new website. If clients do not have the time to maintain and make changes, we are here for you. For a 15-minute task we do not charge clients any fees. Yes, you read that right we will make changes and updates for free if it is only a 15-minute task. In most cases these things will only take our team 10 minutes or less.

WordPress platform allows you to build a free website and you can launch your website right away. Though, if you use the free version of WordPress you will see some ads, but it is not a big deal for small business.

You can get a domain name through WordPress or from another source and forward your domain to your website.

We do not recommend making a website exactly the same as of your competitor or someone whose website you really like. One thing we can do is create website similar to those you like. That’s the beauty of WordPress it allows you to create a site that you really like and that fits your business.

We encourage our clients to find two websites they feel would work for their business. This way we have an idea on what you are looking for and the client has a design and layout picked out.

You can check out some of the work we have done for our clients here.

Facebook Presence

Facebook is a great stepping stone, For anyone who wants to create a digital presence for their small business. Facebook happens to be my favorite digital marketing tool. I love that everything is available within Facebook, The most important is the ads. You can run ads for your business promote your page or link your website through your Facebook page. You can also invite friends and family to like your business page.

I have set up lead generating pages using Facebook, With HubSpot integrated to the form so all the lead information would go straight to my HubSpot CRM.

Digital Marketing a huge umbrella with various methods of having an online presence and it is strongly recommended all businesses pick at least one digital marketing platform to promote their products and services. I will touch on all other social media platforms that i use in the coming months.

I have read a lot of articles, but recently i came across an easy read. Top 10 benefits of Facebook for business page. Click here to read!

You can set your own ad budget from as little as $5 a day or a week. Your ads would be set up on Facebook and would be seen on multiple platforms such as Instagram, in between news articles and on banners. When you are seeing ads while reading your news on your app or going through Facebook and you come across ads, Most likely they were set up on a Facebook business page by the businesses running the ads.

The importance of online presence

We live in a time where everyone is online and if you want to promote your business then you need to have an online presence. I truly believe just have a Facebook page for your small business will get you further then not being on any social media channel.

There is a huge business community in Surrey BC and a good portion of those business do not have a website or even a Facebook page. Some of the business that do have website may not be to happy with their current digital presence and would probably want to improve their online presence.

I would suggest to people who are new to the digital world of marketing to learn more in depth and one of my favorite books that helped me got started was Big Book of Digital Marketing. It is an easy read and can help you undertand the basic of digital marketing and guides you on setting up your small business on social media channel that is right for your business. I stress to all friends and family that have a small business or even a large business such as a restaurant to have a online presence for your business it can improve your sales or at the bare minimum give you free advertisement when friends and family share your business page links and when they like and comment will give you more exposure. I believe the digital marketing for dummies is a good start to help you get going on online for your business.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about digital marketing or creating a new website.


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