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new & improved business strategies

We are no longer a JUST offering website development. We are now offering Lead generating services. We have experts who are confident and capable of outbound calls to book sales appointments for your sales team.

In the last two years Zahela Marketing team has had the opportunity to work with Business to Business sales (B2B) specialist who have helped add value to our company.

Furthermore, we have email marketing down packed and for our clients we are able to send our 2000 Free emails per month. Yes! that is right you would with us we can send out 2000 FREE emails per month. This is great for all small and up and coming business. Email marketing is one of the best tools to stay in your customers mind.

As, we all check our emails on our smart phones every hour… email marketing is a great tool to generate sales and keep track of your customers.

We will continue to create websites for all who need a business website. We will restrict only to creating websites on WordPress so we can hand over all Login credentials to you. You get full control of your website on an easy to manage platform.

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